Currently being developed in association with Sunglow Sound Ltd. Aberdeen,Scotland. 

Runeruin travels back in time to resurface the myths and legends of Aberdeenshire, evolving through stories passed down and reinvented across generations.  Collaborating the imaginations of the whole community to give life to stories and characters as if they (still) lived amongst us in the 21st century. Runeruin fabricates a modern Scotland combining elements of modern science and cell regeneration, transformation and design with the rich traditions that frame the culture and magic of Scotland.

The project develops the life around the location of Runeruin; a home to the creatures of our imagination and a combined concept of fiction and reality. Researching into old stories and infamous legends, we retell our expeditions through modern design and means of audiovisual storytelling.

The developing project of consists of 4 bodies of work; a fixed interactive audiovisual installation, a live performance, workshop series and a community built colouring book.