My work featured in a class exhibition in The MART, Rathmines, Dublin from May 15-17th.

My piece explores the “what if?” of the human body and its relationship, symbiosis with materials. Notions of adaption and what we value are important to me when posing questions of the body’s ability to become a materialistic in itself. I am interested in the ‘what if’ of body mutation/ transformation and evolution based on making the body and particularly the skin more self-sufficient.

Although our bodies grow, work and operate almost subconsciously to us, we rely on external factors that allow us to survive and interfere with natural adaptation.

The video explores the potentials of an enriched epidermis layer that we could grow through evolution. The enriched epidermis doesn't shed like present human skin; it stays revitalised and rejuvenated, allowing the formation of a thicker layer of fresh skin to provide us with many uses. Here I am exploring the potential cosmetic and defensive benefits of an evolved epidermis.

When we can harvest and replant our own skin, we can indulge in our own vanity and minimise the need for cosmetics and body protection. We can choose to remove pigments or un-aesthetic markings and position them in place of eye shadow, lipstick etc. We can comfortably grow and retain foreign bodies to serve as a more proficient and natural skin defence.

The video and encyclopaedia will describe the everyday existence of a more self-sufficient human skin.

To watch the video, go to Eimear Kinsella E. On Vimeo and turn up your volume.


'Grow my own' involves looking at what we as humans can already grow, but also what we could adapt to grow. For example, what if we had the ability to harvest body parts and reposition them for vanity reasons, or what if we could grow defensive features to protect this home-grown 'beauty'.