Vavilovian Mammalia Mimicry of Aviation. 2015

Looking at transforming a body to fly, I have narrated the life of a modern day Icarus using any means possible to become airborne.  

Through analyzing animals and insects in flight, suppressed aeronautics and humans in zero gravity,  I explore the DIY-bio approach to self-transforming and self-manipulating the body to take flight.

 I curated the room in which my narrative takes place: From a young childhood ambition to the young adult’s obsession, displaying the tools and mechanisms made and grown to make the transformation possible.

The room unveiled a lifetime of obsessive markings, recordings and explorations of flying creatures.  A cabinet displayed samples of DNA chimeras, home grown skin samples and tissue implantation stents abandoned, unprotected and marked as failed attempts. My processes are each explored in depth through hand drawn design, real life attempts and creation, using prompting techniques, machinery and growing human adaption stents based on modern science and practised DIY-Bio. 

The project told the story through a curated room, two explanatory encyclopaedias (book 1, book 2 available to purchase) a hand-painted children's book showing the playful and naive exploration of the 'what if?'.  

The video  shown above was displayed in the cabinet, exploring captured clips of process and playing music through the room.

See my interview for NCAD prospectus 15/16.