Your Health is your Wealth is driven by the food test for the presence of Starch using Iodine. It looks at the thyroid's production of thyroxin (iodine) and the presence of starch in the body before it is broken down into glucose to fuel the body.

Our health relys heavily on our metabolism (controlled by thyroid) and our ability to break down starch for fuel. When starch and iodine react, the iodine transforms from a burnt yellow to a navy blue.

 I am relating our health and our wealth by making a collar that externally displays the presence of starch and the production of thyroxin(iodine) from the thyroid positioned in our necks. The collar is based on 16th century starched ruffs worn by the noble and wealthy. The bigger the collar the wealthier the wearer.

A healthy metabolism function with a balanced presence of starch will make for a rich navy colouring. The completed project externally shows the wealth of your health in the form of a starched iodine collar.  Photos to follow.